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Company Profile

Al Kenana Security & Services
A Limited Liability Company (LLC) established in 1992 for providing Security, Maintenance and Cleaning services. Al Kenana security & Services is a leading Company in the field of Security, and Maintenance services in Egypt and the middle east, with a Client list of major international corporations . our services are planned, tailored, and customized to fit all kinds of clientele, from organizations to simple homes. Trading Register: 19040 dated 13/6/1993 Errand: Corporate tax contribution Tax File Number: 3798 dated 4/5/1993 Company File Number: 145/430


Corporate Objectives

1- Customer satisfaction through the combined efforts of employees that work in a spirit of cooperation with respect for each other's contribution and importance.
2 - Achieving success and this is based on the perception of a clear and sincere faith in all its work and proper planning in order to achieve as fair and reasonable profit to ensure the prosperity of the company and to provide long-term benefits for the company's employees.
3 - Meet the needs of our valued clients and maintain our position As a company that provides high-quality


Company evolution

  • Through opening company branch in Alexandria to serve the northern area and its suburb .
  • Were also open a branch in Marsa Alam to provide the same services in the Red Sea Governorate.
  • The company has been converted from a limited liability company into a joint stock company.


Company Responsibilities


  • 1-To provide qualified workers, guards, supervisors and cleaning personnel.
  1. 2- To supervise the work site regularly .
  2. 3- To meet with the client on weekly basis to insure clients satisfaction with
  3. Al- Kenana services.
  4. 4- To supervise the personal appearance of guards and workers.
  5. 5- To supervise the attitude of guards and workers .
  6. 6- To ensure that guards follow the safety rulesĀ  .
  7. 7- To ensure that guards are healthy and alert at posts .
  8. 8- To ensure that guards and workers are on time for their shifts .
  9. 9- To ensure that guards and workers know how to deal with emergency procedures
  10. 10- To ensure that Al-Kenana employees are of good social caliber.
  11. 11- To ensure that guards and workers can deal with high-tech technology.
  12. 12- To keep all its employees insured against work damages by virtue of an insurance policy with Al-Shark insurance Company with an umbrella of LE 500.000 ( five hundred thousand Egyptian pounds ) .
  13. 13- To make an insurance policy with Alshark insurance Company covering any damages caused by Al Kenana employees to any third parties.
  14. 14- To effect an insurance policy covering civil liability for the favor of its customers in the event of providing the services.
  15. 15- Last but not least to ensure that our customers are satisfied with all our services .



Members of the Board of Directors


Prof . Sanaa Saad Zaghloul Shaheen Chairman of the Board of Directors

Eng . Muhammad Safwat Muhammad Abdel Salam Chief Executive Officer (C.E.O)

Eng . Elsayed Elsayed Shaaban Member of the Board of Directors

DR.Eng . Ibrahim Mustafa Kamel Member of the Board of Directors

Prof . Hany Abdel-Hamid Gad Financial Director

Commercial Register 19040 dated 13/06/1993

Tax card 3798 dated 04/05/1993

Tax file number 430/145 Sales Tax No. 499/410/100

Mission Of Taxes Corporations

Our Services List

  • Security Sector
  • We offer something different creativity and fantastic service. Quality is built into everything we do so we target the market of security users who appreciate a quality service

  • Cleanliness Sector
  • The cleaning division offers professional cleaning services performed by experienced staff. The cleaning division is equipped with the best cleaning machines

  • Pest Control Sector
  • The company has a team of specialists for Pest control & disinfection of both private premises & industrial plants.